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James Brunner

Recently, some reporter asked Jim Brunner if he could interview Jim for his upscale magazine which was doing an article on Landscape Designers in South Florida. The reporter said it would be great for business. Jim told me he didn't want to because the guy sounded like he was an actor on stage. I told Jim he should go for it.

I was there. Jim sat politely. The reporter said, "James, if you were a flower what would you be?" Jim's eyes rolled backwards. But Jim thought for a moment and then said, "If I were a flower I'd be basking in the beautiful outdoors and breathing in the warmth of the sun instead of sitting here listening to you!" Jim exited. I apologized to Jim and worked on this web-page to tell you who Jim REALLY is.

Over thirty years ago Jim began mowing lawns. He loved the fresh air, the hard, but rewarding work; most of all though, he loved the people he worked with and for.

As each year progressed he learned more about landscape design by watching others do it. He learned what to do from those who did it right and what not to do from those who did it wrong. He branched out about fifteen years ago into the commercial lawn maintenance business and about twelve years ago he undertook his first "real" landscape design job. Today Jim's Natural Wonders Landscape and Design Company has dozens and dozens of continuing clients and about one hundred twenty contract clients are serviced each year. Continuing clients are those that allow a frequent upgrade and revamping of their landscape areas and who allow Jim to maintain their picturesque pieces of Paradise. Contract clients are those people who hire Natural Wonders Landscape and Design to conceptualize, and then create what the landowner envisions.

Parenthetically, Jim owns and operates a major commercial lawn maintenance business (South Florida Lawn Care) and an amazing and much photographed retail nursery (Broward Gardens Landscaping & Nursery) whose Topiaries, plants and waterfalls have been placed at such famous venues as Universal Studios, Disney World and soon at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Also, many local landscapers purchase Jim's Topiary creations for placement with their clients. What a great affirmation of one's success; to be esteemed by one's own peers (not to mention competitors).

Jim has been driven, flown and sailed to many states and islands in and around this Nation, to offer his art and expertise, as well as creating designs for use in Mexico, South America and Canada. He has studied the landscapes and offered designs for use in Alaska and Africa and has utilized his access to Japan and India to create fabulous Meditation Gardens and Paths.

Every weekend people come to the "nursery"; some to buy, some to browse and some simply to relax. All are welcome.

Jim seeks clients who are smart shoppers. He seeks people who have a "feel" for what they want; people who spend their money, not ostentatiously, but prudently. And he seeks people who want to maximize what they have to invest rather than to "one up" anyone else.

He undertakes budgets from the teens to over a million dollars, delivering the best, the most and the unique within the means of the client.
His work is one hundred percent guaranteed.

So is your satisfaction.